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The World Ecitizens Project

Citizenship for the 21st century

The UnITy Project
The World Ecitizens project grew out of a project called UnITy, which was originally funded by Domex. You will find references to the UnITy project as you browse through the World Ecitizens site.

The overall aim of the UnITy website was to create a wider and richer sense of identity for students in East London in the six London boroughs covered by Domex.

Now the London students are joined by students and teachers all over the world who are building a learning environment where key participants come together

  • to envision a sense of a shared future.
  • to jointly create a sense of shared history
  • to capture and share learning experiences

Teachers and students are collaborating within schools or across the wider community and internationally. Students are registered in London, across the UK and from Bangladesh and China. It is hoped that in the next phase this web space will provide a crucible for international understanding between teachers and pupils.

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The development stage
The MirandaNet Fellowship in partnership with the Domex project, has completed the development stage of a project called Citizenship for Londoners which concentrates on the wider new National Curriculum subject, Citizenship. This development stage was funded by the DfES, Domex, SRB, the Creative Partnership and the EU programme Schoolscape@Future.

The development phase
From February to the end of April 2002: this phase focused on the building of a framework for a managed learning environment ­ an ongoing web based work pack on Citizenship. Teachers and students were actively engaged in developing resources and creating citizenship presentations.

The pilot stage
From May 2002 ­ March 2003 Domex participants have been using the Citizenship resources for a variety of projects from KS 1-4. All users can access Key Skills resources: the core key skills of Application of Number, Communication and Information Technology, and the wider key skills of Improving Own Learning and Performance, Problem Solving and Working with Others. Teachers have set up their own online classrooms, with as many groups as are necessary to support differentiation. Students have their own online portfolios, to save and develop their work. A gallery is being designed so that the work can be seen publically without revealing the pupils personal details.

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About UnITy: what it is and how it works
The UnITy project is a managed learning environment that is based on a secure authenticated online community of teachers, students and schools. Although there is open access to the educational resources available in UnITy, Access to the functionality of the environment requires users to register for a user name and password.

The functionality allows the upload and sharing of study material between members of the community. This includes the upload of students' work for checking and marking by teachers. Because the environment is web based any of these functions can be performed at school, home or any other location.

Teachers perform searches by subject content or study group to keep track of student progress. Discussion forum facilities for teachers and students provide both peer-group and directed interactivity and feedback. Teachers collaborate on curriculum projects; share materials and teach across conventional boundaries. Online tutorial facilities are provided for students, either individually or as a group. Students can collaborate both within their own school and across the wider community.

Links to external material can be easily incorporated into the online pool of resources. Students are offered selected citizenship web sites to explore in researching their projects.

Teachers can register themselves and their pupils by contacting the who will authenticate their status. We look forward to meeting you online.

Click here to find out more about the Domex involvement in this site.

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