Accessible Heritage

Accessible Heritage is a project on the Isle of Wight designed to give adults and young people with learning disabilities access to their rich heritage. Their experiences were recorded and presented on a website. Click here or the image below.


The description on the homepage describes the project but what is exciting is the input users had to the content. Broadly they recorded their memories either as a short film or as an annotated image. Users took many of the images too.

To make the movies one of the team of visitors to a site would be given a selection of their images to choose from but with just too many to be able to use them all. The chosen images would then be dragged to a template and captioned. The creator would choose how the pages transitioned and what sort of music was most suitable. Appropriate support in this activity could range from helping with image import to almost none at all.

Those with more severe disabilities would be shown images of their visit and their comments recorded for them to caption the photograph.