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Welcome to MirandaNet Case Studies

These Case Studies have been written by MirandaNet Fellows and Scholars and published in one of the E-Journals, which are published by MirandaNet communities.

Most of the case studies examine the impact of ICT on teaching and learning. They cover such topics as gender difference, underachievement, developing pedagogies for ICT, resources, the uses of online and web-based communities, creativity, critical thinking and a range of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) issues.

  • Please Note: The links on this page will take you to the main MirandaNet site. The Case Study links are not properly set up yet: use your browser buttons to navigate the section for the time being!

The Case Studies link will list all those published in the various E-Journals. The search box will look for authors' key words in all the case studies as well. If you want to respond to the author of a case study, you can leave a comment using the 'Peer Review' link on each case study. You will find this link towards the end of each case study. Registered users will find this process easier if they have first logged in.

Peer Reviews

The principle of peer reviewing is well-known in academic circles. MirandaNet has extended the idea to on-line peer-reviewing. The authors on these Journals welcome comments from other scholars and members of the interested public. Anyone can add a review to any Case Study in any E-Journal. Visitors can access the Case Studies and simply add a Peer Review by following the link above. To enable you to revisit your peer review, edit it or add to it, we ask you to register when you first add a Peer Review. Once registered, you can add further reviews to any other Case Study.

MirandaNet members who are already registered on any of the E-Journals can also add Peer Reviews. There is no need for further registering, provided you log on to the Members' Area first.

MirandaNet E-Journals

The E-Journals, together with reference banks and online forums, are used by each community as part of their professional development, which can lead to a MirandaNet Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Knowledge Technology. Contact us if you are interested in joining MirandaNet and one of the communities, or working towards a Postgraduate qualification.

If you are registered on one of the E-Journals you will find it easier to add Peer Reviews once you have logged in. Use the links below to log in. Remember that your username is all lowercase and there are no gaps or punctuation. The log in routine can email you your password if you have forgotten it. The site editor can help you if you have forgotten your username.