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Gallery of Work from the schools


Proudly South African

This is the section where we will show off the work that is being done in the project schools. Just now it is early days for materials to be shown, but a start has been made.

Published work from the Learners' area of the E-Lapa VLE

Picture sequences and other items from the schools

First Impressions of the UK


HeilbronTeaching Resources

Reports from the Project Advisory Team

Here are some reports from the MirandaNet team.

You can also download a full-length version of the Consultants' Interim Report in Word (400KB)

Two Children

Article in the Volksblad, October 28th 2004

Newspager article

You might also want to look at the Gallery of Students' Work on the main MirandaNet World Ecitizens site, in particular the item Creating World Ecitizens in South Africa.

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