Innovative ideas

On this page WE intends to showcase innovative ideas for education. These ideas are sometimes a long way from implementation, sometimes controversial but always interesting and thought provoking.

New approach needed to deliver on technology’s potential in schools

“15/09/2015 – Schools have yet to take advantage of the potential of technology in the classroom to tackle the digital divide and give every student the skills they need in today’s connected world, according to the first OECD PISA assessment of digital skills.”

Recently MirandaNet began a discussion about digital literacy and whether this was being addressed in schools in the 21st century. It seems likely that teaching critical use of the Internet is by no means widespread but was it ever thus? This article from November Learning is a useful and insightful introduction for educators. Read it here.

In this film Ken Robinson suggests that education as we know it kills creativity.

Here Sugata Mitra suggests as a result of an innovative study that children might be able to teach themselves effectively.

And here’s ‘The Hole in the Wall’.

In this provocative talk Nikhil Goyal challenges assumptions about schools and asks if we still need them.