Using Scratch at Key Stage 1

Question: Can pupils at Key Stage 1 understand algorithms;
and create, and debug simple computer programs?

Answer: Yes, and within a creative, cross-curricular framework,
too. Visit the Literacy from Scratch site for full details.

The following is an illustrative page from that site.

In this section you will find stories created by Year 1 and Year 2 pupils, using Scratch. The files are entirely the work of the students.

All pupils:

  • Created their own original narratives, with three scenes (in English lessons)

  • Created the dialogue for their characters (in English lessons)

  • Made three Backgrounds (scenes) for their stories

  • Created two Sprites

  • Added animation

Some pupils added voice-over sound files, in more than one language.

There are four stories here, to show what can be done.

Year 1 work

1. The Lost Toys

The Lost Toys screenshot

This story has voice-over sound files in EnglishHindi, and Norwegian.

2. My Toy Snake

My Toy Snake screenshot

This story has voice-over sound files in EnglishHindi and French.

Year 2 work

3. Breakfast

Breakfast screenshot

This story has a voice-over sound file in Guajarati.

4. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek screenshot

This story also has a voice-over sound file in Guajarati.

There is a PowerPoint picture sequence (6.8MB) which shows this whole process, and notes on Recordings.

My sincere thanks are due both to my talented and creative Brunel ITE students, and to Head Teacher, Mr. Raja, to his teachers, Donna and Francis, and to the wonderful Year 1 and Year 2 pupils at Swaminarayan School, Neasden.

Visit the Literacy from Scratch site for further information.