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MirandaNet Fellows in Free State, South Africa

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This notice has gone out to all of the MirandaNet Fellows and Scholars throughout the world.

“During the past few months MirandaNet has been supporting the Department of Education in Free State Province, South Africa, to implement an e-learning project – the e-Lapa Project.

Ten schools across the province have been selected to form part of a pilot project from October 2004 – March 2005. Insights gained by the Free State will be applied to the wider project, which is set to embed e-learning in all schools in the Province by 2010.

Christina Preston’s involvement started a year ago: she has tirelessly worked with Free State officials to develop the project, and in October 2004 she, together with Christine Knight, who was the MirandaNet Administrator at the time, and eight fellows flew to Bloemfontein. For a week the MirandaNet Fellows worked in the schools with their Free State counterparts. Now that the project has started their support has been virtual; online work will soon be augmented by a visit by members of the Free State pilot schools to this country in early January.

Three young people, two teachers and the Learning Adviser for each of the ten schools will arrive on January 8 and spend three days working at Chafford Hundred School, Essex. After that they will spend two days in the schools of their MirandaNet colleagues, followed by time at the BETT Exhibition. The online environment for the e-Lapa project will soon go online, but if you can’t wait until then to find out more about the project come along to the MirandaNet stand at BETT and meet us all there.”

Reports from the Project Advisory Team

Here are some reports from the MirandaNet team.

You can also download a full-length version of the Consultants' Interim Report in Word (400KB)

Article in the Volksblad, October 28th 2004

Article in the Guardian, March 15th 2005

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