Objectives and Activities

The objectives of the charity are:

The advancement of education in particular not exclusively among children and young people by encouraging cultural and other educational co-operation between communities and promoting good citizenship within the United Kingdom and world-wide in particular, but not by way of limitation through a website, educating children in citizenship; the promotion of racial harmony for the benefit of the public.

The directors have added to their strategy for the next year which is developed to take account of the objectives of the charity which are to promote world ecitizenship:

  • Firstly by involving children, adults and senior citizens in publishing their individual work;

  • Secondly by offering the facilities to the communities who are already working in groups on these issues;

  • Thirdly by offering the facilities of the communities who are already working across national and cultural boundaries on these issues;

  • Fourthly by working in partnership with the MirandaNet Fellowship to provide unconference and webinar training at no cost across national and cultural boundaries;

  • Fifthly by raising funds to use the facilities as part of the World Ecitizens (WE) project Etopia.

The Board and a voluntary committee have continued their successful strategy of holding meetings by email and conference call in between meetings in London. This has worked well as the Directors also meet during the year at mutual events related to digital technologies in education, which is their profession. In particular, they meet at Naace conferences and at BETT12 in this period each year. Because of rising costs for meeting rooms and meals in London, Christina Preston now provides free meeting facilities at her home in South London.

Objective four has involved the creation of opportunities for partnership for as many community leaders and teachers as possible. In this year Christina Preston moved from the WLE Centre, Institute of Education, University of London where free meetings rooms have been provided for WE activities over several years. Christina Preston is now a Professor at the Universityof Bedfordshire and during this year a series of unconferences in partnership with MirandaNet have been held at this new University at no cost to WE.