Report: Building Bridges to a Multi-cultural Europe

Building Bridges to a Multi-cultural Europe

STEP Project

STEP Project

A Comenius project by:

  • The Ravensbourne School, Bromley, England

  • Gimnazjum w Dębowcu, Dębowiec, Poland

  • Brandströmska Skolan Nylöse, Göteborg, Sweden

  • Pazarköy Şehit Halil Kandemir İlköğretim Okulu, Yenice, Turkey

The above four schools worked together on a Comenius project about creating a better Europe. As a group we were aware of our need to instil a European perspective into the lives of our students. We wanted to prepare our students for a future in Europe, and as global citizens. European cooperation activities help to raise awareness of the availability of Europe for work and leisure, as well as our part in it. We wanted our students to understand that issues in their country are the same as issues in other countries, and that we can all share the issues and answers. We want to envision our students to a brighter, more united Europe with more social inclusion, working together to solve social issues by having a greater understanding, acceptance and celebration of differences. Past Experience has shown that a co-operative venture with European peers can have profound effects on removing negative attitudes and stereotypical prejudices.

So we worked on activities to share our cultures, and our ideas for creating a better Europe. Part of that was creating a joint mind map, using Mindmeister, to share our hopes and dreams for our future Europe. When we met we shared our children’s stories and then created our own new stories using the characters from all the involved countries. We shared our recipies and when we met together we tried them out. We shared our thoughts about buildings in the future and created models and designs for sustainable housing. We created music blended from all our cultures, and made items, such as T shirts and clay models that celebrated our own cultures.

Some of our results are shared here.

We put all our work onto the eLanguages website. Follow the link to see more of our work.:

Andrée Jordan
International coordinator