1. What Works Where

  2. Davis Ecology Model

  3. The Etopian project: a student perspective on the G20 summit

  4. Comments from Pupils at Beijing School 50

  5. Etopian Team Members

The Etopia Project grew out of World Ecitizens, but was focussed on the needs of teachers in realising the aims of World Ecitizens.

The Etopia project began with the conference, What Works Where, in March 2008 at the WLE centre, Institute of Education, University of London. This conference was a partnership between teachers and teacher educators from England, the Czech Republic and the US about what kind of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in programmes in digital technologies really work.

Follow this link for details of this conference

The outcome of the conference was a request for a Second Life environment that allows teachers to share their experiences across the world. We took the design for our Second Life Atrium from Professor Niki Davis’s diagram of an ecological approach to CPD. This shows all the different levels of engagement.