Comments from Pupils at Beijing School 50

Beijing School 50.

  • Nick (Nan Tianxu)

  • Rita (LiFengyi)

  • Cheryl

  • Rita (LiFengyi)

  • Litong

  • Niu Ya Qi

  • Suwen

  • Tina (Tuoyuan)

  • Anqi

  • Sally (Hantingting)

  • Vicky (ZhangXin)

Here are some Chinese students’ comments about the debate

Mr Denver Charm, a teacher at Beijing School 50

I am still very excited in last night meeting. The teachers and leaders are very happy to see the two sides meet online between students and teachers. The students are still immersed in the meeting last night, the followings are students feelings:

From Cheryl:
Thanks for reading my e-mail. I’m 17 years old.

I seldom have the opportunities to speak to foreign friends, so I felt quite nervous during our communication yesterday. Yesterday we talked some our own thoughts about the financial crisis. You offered us 5 questions to discuss and I did some preparations before our speaking. But because of the limited time, our activity ended before I express my opinions about the last question. I felt a little regretful.

So let me write my words here to send to all of you.
As a whole, all of the countries on the world should help each other and coordinate with each other. I don’t think insisting on the protectionism is a wise choice. The protectionism affects the normal international trade and maybe will cause more serious problems. We are all friendly friends, whoever you are, an American, a British, a Japanese, and so on. We are friends.
Our countries should try our best to help other countries especially the ones which are developing rather hard or slowly. I believe we can get over the difficulty — the global financial crisis soon by our countries’ joint effort.

Thanks for reading my e-mail. My name is Cheryl. I’m 17 years old.

From Nick:
Hello. I have introduced myself at the beginning of the debate. But I’d like to say it again. My name is Nan Tianxu but you can call me Nick, a 16-year-old, from Beijing.

First of all, I am very happy to communicate with you again after our video conference where we discussed the global economic crisis together .
However, because of some objective reasons (such as: time and distance, mainly time), the discussion didn’t last long, I need more time for it. So the following is my opinion about those questions.

About how has the global economic crisis changed my life. I just can say that
I can’t feel it because I’m not working, so that I don’t need to face those questions, such as, redundancy, unemployment and so on. And in my opinion, the global economic crisis will not changed my life in the future either. I think it shouldn’t be called as a “crisis” actually, “recession” will be better. So the global economic will be better in the future. Thanks to the China’s political system, it can’t affect my life so much.
I’m glad to talk with you. I hope we can Keep In Touch in the future.

From Rita:
I’m glad to change ideas with you again. The global financial crisis has lasted in our life for more than 1 year. I have a lot of ideas and feeling about it.
For the first question, to be honest, in my life, there is not a lot of changes. But during this global financial crisis, I have found that I have grown up a lot. In many times, when I go shopping with my mother, I prefer to tell my mom that some things are not useful for me now and we can give this up and save much more money for our better life. That is the most thing it changed my life, that is, my adolescence.

Especially, I have some questions to the G20. How long will the global economic return to normal, ten years or longer? Whether it can be better when we graduate from university, it means about 5 to 6 years? Of course, not only Europe and USA but also Asia’s economic has been injured during this global problem, so what the opportunity will Asia have during the problem?

All in all, I believe, the global crisis will soon pass off. If we keep the close cooperation and to be confident to the world economic, we will pull through safely.

For the meeting last night (7p.m. in China), I really felt excited. It’s my first time to talk with foreigners in this way. Maybe the topic is a little political for me, and I was a bit nervous, so I didn’t show my true character thoroughly. But I felt the talking was so much great and it gave me a chance to know more about foreigners and foreign countries. I have the strong desire to having other chances like this to talk with you all.
Thank you to listen to me.

From Litong:
The following are my answers to the questions in full:

1. As a high school student, the financial crisis doesn’t have much effects on us. However, according to the crises before, financial crises are cyclical. Thus, we should have a strong sense of crisis. And make adequate preparation before the crises broke out. This is my just opinion.

2. Next year, we will graduate from high school. At that time, our dream of studying further will come true. But we must face a very severe problem-how to get a satisfying job after we graduating. In my opinion, we had better work hard and have a strong sense of competition. So we can face the crises easier.

3. I hope they can put forward some good suggestions especially for our normal people rather than rich people.

The following is my feeling: I learned a lot from the Flash meeting yesterday.
To be honest, this is my first chance to join in a talking like this. Of course, I am so happy to speak English loudly stand in front of the camera. As well-known, the financial crisis has changed a lot of thing around us, especially for the big transnational corporations company all over the world. It is very important for us to think about it. ?What is more, I expect that most of you can come to China and we can talk face to face.? Welcome to China!

From Niu Ya Qi:
It’s nice to know you. The followings are my answers about the five questions.

Question 1: In fact, the global financial crisis doesn’t change my life very much,or rather, very little. Our government is taking measures to stabilize prices, so, our life just like before on the whole. However, I am aware of that now I must learn how to arrange my own business to prevent myself from being much infected in financial crisis in the future.

Question 2: In my opinion, it may be difficult for us to find good job in the future if the financial crisis won’t turn better. Opportunities of finding jobs are decreasing in almost every country as well as China. Although the government orders companies to think about graduated college students first, it won’t change a lot.

Question 3: I will show them the pictures of college students who are finding jobs and people who are in sorrow as they lose their jobs. It is really difficult for them to find jobs. I don’t want to be like them in the future. So, I hope they can solve the problem as quick as possible. Of course, the problem doesn’t only be resulted by the financial crisis, and some factors in China also result in the problem. But, it is obviously that the financial crisis have made it more severe .

Question 4: As we doesn’t be affected very much, I think it isn’t necessary to help people with money problems. And I think it not good to receive others’ money if we aren’t very poor. If they want to help, I think they can invest money in something that belongs the people.

Question 5: I want to know what the ministers are intend to do to solve the financial crisis and how long they think the financial crisis will last. As a Chinese, I want them to discuss about how to guarantee the investment which China give America can bring China profits or just can return China the principal.

The followings are my feelings about today’s talk. I feel very happy because
I can have a chance to communicate with you. Through the talk today, I learn more about the financial crisis. For me, I’m glad to have more chances to have conversations with you. It’s good to exchange our ideas.
The following is a question of me. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much!

From Suwen:
As a high school student. I don’t think the financial crisis affect much of my life.
As you can see, I stay at school about 12 hours. I spend others having meal, sleeping, reading books and so on. Sometimes read newspapers but not too much. I have no income and ask my parents for pocket money. To be honest, I can’t feel the financial crisis really around me. But if the financial crisis continues for several years. It’s probable to make a huge influence of my life even my family. I may lose my job and my income.

If the G20 leaders come here to know about China. I deeply want to show them the western part of our country. Although my home land have enough power to make there look better,,we really need you to help us to develop faster and faster. It’s so impending.

I didn’t say any but introduce myself. Yesterday was so wonderful. I learned very much. I hope the activity next time.

From Tuoyuan:
It is my pleasure to share some of my thoughts with you.

The following are my answer:
First, I don’t think the global financial crisis has changed my life. So I still lead a simple life.
Second, I think it will affect my opportunities in the future. But I will study hard. Also, I will strengthen my health to overcome all the difficulties.
Third, I will show G20 to visit the hospitals. Many people didn’t have the chance to go there. I think they should help them.
Fourth, I suggest they help our banks. So many people are losing their jobs. They need much help.

At last, I want them to put some useful suggestions to solve the financial crisis.
The following are my thoughts of the meeting:
For me, this meeting was quite interesting as well as exciting.
I will never forget this important time.
Also, I am looking forward to meeting with you again.

From Anqi
First of all, I am very glad to talk with you.

We chatted with the global financial crisis. Well, I don’t think the global financial has really changed our life.
Just for now, we can live a life as the same as past. However, it doesn’t mean it would not affect our life in the future.
So, it may affect our opportunities. For example, we will not get the job which is affected by the global financial hardly, such as the bank and and so on.

In my opinion, finding a job is no small matter. Instead, it is probably one of the most, if not the most, important decisions any would-be graduates can make in a lifetime. Therefore, they are very serious and cautious when that time comes.
Well, I felt very happy and excited of the chatting yesterday. And I have some questions. Have the global financial affected your life more? How do your country this problems?
I wait for your letter.

From Sally:
My name is hantingting. My English name is Sally. I’m sixteen years old. I’m from Beijing number fifty senior high school. I am pleasure to speak to you.

The global financial crisis: In my opinion, the global financial crisis doesn’t affect me too much. Because my parents’ work is stable. So I feel very lucky. I think the global financial crisis will be very short. I don’t worry about the global financial will affect my opportunities. Overall, the financial crisis of my optimism.

If the G20 leaders visited me to find out how young people and children are affected by the global financial crisis, I will introduce them to my friend who is become poor. I hope that they can help him. I wish they can help more Chinese to find jobs. And I believe the G20 can make China and England even the world better and better.

I was very happy yesterday and I want to have an English friend. So that we can exchange our thinking everytime. Not only I like England,but also I think their thinking mature and useful.

From Vicky:
In fact, sometimes we hardly feel the affection of the global financial crisis. I think it will have influence on choosing colleges as well as choosing jobs in the future. It’s important to have a clear opinion on global financial crisis. If one day G20 leaders visit me, I will introduce our Foreign Minister, Pan Ji Wen, who has announced our policies when come across global financial crisis. He says that we should face the challenge together and work together, and build new system of global finance.

I hope the leaders can make the world see the effort developing countries have made. I think it would be better if they can help to change the banks and markets’ system, which can reduce the prices of goods. I hope they can make a fair discussion, consider all countries’ profit

After the talk with friends all over the world, maybe I have acquired the world’s teenagers’ opinions about global financial crisis. It is good to talk to you and exchange our feelings and thoughts, I have had a lesson that can not learn from books.

All in all, I study a lot and have a good time with you

Wang Yipeng
1. The price of foods and living goods are increasing speedily, and my father’s equity capital is depreciating.
2. The pressure of finding jobs must be greater, and even though I can find the job, maybe I still can’t earn my bread.
3. I will show none. Because it hasn’t affected me badly. And the person I’ll introduce to them is Karl Marx. Maybe you don’t like him, but I think he had forecasted the global crisis.
4. I think they can give the aid of housing, and it may helps more people to live in their own house.

5. I want to ask them whether the crisis will over in a year? I want the leaders to think about the reformation of the system of finance. I think the gap of finance likes a black hole, only save the market is useless. As treatment focusing on relieving both the secondary and primary symptoms, solving the crisis also needs to sole the main problem. I don’t want to against the market economy, but when Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” breaks down, the strong macro-control is necessary. I hope the leaders think about it.
Lana Pu
This year I take part in Academic Year in America exchange activity,the end of last year,I took the exam of SLEP.Because of the financial crisis the number of exchange students has decreased.It’s impossible to have make-up exam,so I must learn English at my full strength.I think this is the most direct financial crisis impact on me!

Han Lu
2. With the global financial crisis, many companies doesn’t have enough money to pay for workers any more. So we will face much more serious pressure of looking for us satisfied jobs. Possibly, we need effort more.