First a couple of collections on!! hosts collections of all sorts and is a good place to look for inspiration.

Tools for Teachers & Learners is a collection of web and mobile based tools to help teachers & learners exploit the web. Curated by Nik Peachey

An iPad in education starter is a collection of sites about using iPads in school. It is followed up by More iPads! Curated by Rob Ellis

Resources for teaching programming (to all ages) is a starting point of places to look if you are looking for support and ideas on coding.

If you’re looking for more ideas to get started with iPads this blog post might also be helpful. A Starter Pack of (FREE) iPad Apps for a Primary School.

Many topics are location based. Historical events, geographical phenomena, scientific discovery even the course of a work of fiction. In Google Maps you can drop markers, numbered if you want, and add text and web based images and video. When the marker is clicked a window opens to reveal the collected information. Construct a tour or write your own story where the events take place in different locations. Also ideal for school field trips that are too expensive or dangerous. A website called Scribble Maps also does this. You can begin by using just the marker tool and the edit tool and develop from there. Both Google Maps and Scribble Maps can be viewed on their own page or embedded on a webpage or saved for use in Google Earth.

Here is a simple example with just one marker to click on. Scroll down and you will see images and video as well as text.

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