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A lunch in support of  Rotary charities and the Living Painting Trust

On Saturday 14th February, 1300 – 1600,  Joyce Horlock, Christina Preston and Geoff Baker will talking about how to write about your life for the next generation and how to publish. There will be  opportunities to tell anecdotes about your own life and a chance to contribute them to a booklet we are planning. We will be focusing on Joyce Horlock’s memoires, Suet to Soufflé, as an example.

The workshop will be led by: Joyce Horlock, Suet and Souffle author: Geoff Scott Baker: Bard to Verse Author: Christina Preston, Editor.

£15 to include lunch at The Firs, 28B Park Road,  Kenley, near Croydon, Surrey. CR8 5AQ

Reply to (If you cannot come to this date let us know as there will be more chances).

Copies of Suet and Soufflé will be available at discount.

About Suet and Soufflé

Joyce Horlock, born in 1925,  has written about her Second World War experiences and her  life in Battersea, Croydon and Newbury. As Joyce is the same age as the Queen she also comments on matter royal and on the prime ministers of the day.

Joyce Horlock

Joyce Horlock

With her daughter, Christina Preston, who edited the memoirs, Joyce is now running workshops in Croydon and Newbury to encourage other senior citizens to relate their stories as well. The workshops are being run to raise funds for the Living Painting charity and Rotary. Get in touch with Christina Preston if you are interesting in joining the workshops or know someone who might be: 07 801 336 048

Here is a leaflet that tells you more: Suet to Soufflé

You can buy the book here. The price which is not for profit is the cost of printing the book on demand that has many colour pictures plus £3 for the Living Painting charity where Joyce paints embossed pictures for the partially sighted.

A review.

In uniform

In uniform

Suet to Soufflé, an autobiography by Joyce Eleanor Horlock née Collingridge, is a remarkably honest account of her life. Horlock recalls her 90, well-lived, years in vivid detail, carefully bringing into focus important people and places in her life and the lives of those closest to her. She effortlessly takes us on a journey through the everyday life of growing up above the family grocery shop in Battersea High Street in the 1930’s, recounts tales of being evacuated to the country during World War Two, recreates the excitement of meeting Clark Gable as a young woman about town in London, shares intimate details of her long marriage to Len and their sojourns in Paris and Brazil and describes the heartbreaking death of her beloved grand-daughter Corinna at age 16. If history is above all about people, this book shines above the rest. Horlock draws us in and thoughtfully reflects on the turbulence of British, 20th Century history though her own dear daughters Christina and Marion, extended family and friends. Not only has she lived a full and rich life but she has the ability to bring it alive for us in her evocative yet clear language. She has an uncanny ability to give perspective to the great events of our era and yet retain a very amusing and personal touch. Sometimes it is the everyday events that tell us the most about ourselves. She writes with humility and grace and everyone will find joy and insight in this most personal, still ongoing, of journeys.

Sue Buckley CBSNEWS journalist