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World Ecitizens

Sharing cultural diversity

What is the World Ecitizens Project?
The World Ecitizens (WE) Project aims to encourage understanding between peoples and communities and to share the fascinating diversity within nations and across the world. WE take responsibility for our actions and strive to make the world a better place.

The WE web based learning environment is a rich resource for educational collaboration in topics such as responsible citizenship, mutual respect, combating social injustice and conflict prevention and resolution. WE participants can build projects together, join in debates and develop electronic portfolios. Young people achieve World Ecitizen status when they publish a contribution to the WE gallery.

Giving young people a voice

Since January 2003 communities and classes of young people in the UK have presented posters, video clips and comic strips about citizenship issues that concern them. Some of the young people have been working with artists and writers in residence. So far homelessness and international citizenship have emerged as major areas of concern.

WE now includes projects in other parts of the world, including Free State, South Africa.

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The World Ecitizens Ejournal
The WEjournal is a gateway where the WE community leaders and teachers can share ideas for developing humanitarian projects using ICT as a bridge. Leaders who publish in the WE journal achieve a Fellowship in World Ecitizenship for using elearning to draw the peoples of the world together.

Partners in this project have included DfES, SchoolScape@Future, Digital Brain, Promethean, Microsoft, MirandaNet, 2000AD, Toshiba. Email us if you would like to participate in world e-collaborations:

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Download a brochure about World Ecitizens

The Domex UnITy Project
The World Ecitizens project grew out of a project called UnITy, which was originally funded by Domex. You will find references to the UnITy project as you browse through the World Ecitizens site.

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