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World Ecitizens

Sharing cultural diversity

What is the World Ecitizens Project?
The World Ecitizens (WE) Project aims to encourage understanding between peoples and communities and to share the fascinating diversity within nations and across the world. WE take responsibility for our actions and strive to make the world a better place.

WE Chapters:

WE Chapters The Community Leaders
Kora, The Gambia, Africa Francis Olabampe
Moremi, Nigeria, Africa Elizabeth Mboge
MatildaNet, Sydney, Australia Sandy Schuck
Sunshine, Bahamas Paulet Brown
UnnayanNet, Bangladesh Shahjahan Siraj
No Frontiers : Belfast Sarah Quilty
                   Dublin Eileen Brennan Freeman
                   London Mara Chrystie
MiraNet, Varna, Bulgaria Katya Toneva
  Galina Momcheva
Scola del Mer, Catalonia Juis del Rodriquez
Mistral, Enlaces, Temuco, Chile Enrique Hinostroza
Mulan, Beijing, China Zhang Tiedo
Czech Miranda, Czech Republic Bozena Mannova
MirandaEastEngland Ben Franklin
MirandaLondon Tim Brosnan
MirandaMiddleEngland David Fuller
MirandaNorthEngland John Cuthell
MirandaNorthWestEngland Steve Moss
MirandaWestEngland Maulfry Worthington
  Elizabeth Carruthers
Tulip, Holland Jan Lepeltak
InishNet Bryn Holmes
Plum Blossom, Osaka, Japan Hiro Tanaka
Katerina, Russia Alla Kratzova
Damascus, Syria Rouida Wanli
MirandaUSA, USA Niki Davis

Partners in this project over the years have included DfES, SchoolScape@Future, Digital Brain, Promethean, Microsoft, MirandaNet, 2000AD, Toshiba. Email us if you would like to participate in world e-collaborations:

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