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Domex and UnITy

The UnITy Project was originially funded through Domex.

Domex was a DfES funded project whose mission was to raise standards in education across the East London Boroughs of Greenwich, Lewisham, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest, with Bexley as an associate member. It aimed to do this, through the innovative use of Information Communications Technology within the context of the Excellence in Cities DfES initiative.

In 2001/02, the majority of Domex funding was allocated to large-scale, cross-borough projects which had an impact on as many teachers and pupils as possible. Unity is one of these projects. The projects were focussed on contributing to the Domex aim of developing e-learning using ICT to enhance and extend work in the curriculum to support teaching and learning.

World Ecitizens continues with these aims, sponsoring projects which focus on the use of ICT to support learning in a particular aspect of a subject area or across the curriculum; or which relate to one of the strands of the Excellence in Cities project – support for gifted and talented pupils, learning mentors, learning support units, students at risk of disaffection or the Excellence Challenge (promotion of higher education amongst disadvantaged pupils).

Projects are innovative in their outcomes and their processes, and are not normally eligible for funding from other sources.

Outcomes include either ICT materials for use in City Learning Centres, schools or the home; or materials that can be shared with other teachers/schools within and beyond the Domex partnership via the Domex (or partner) website or conferences; or leading to the engagement of pupils especially those in EiC target groups.

The projects involve a number of schools in the Domex partnership area, from two or more of the participating boroughs, either in the development, implementation or dissemination of the project and its outcomes.

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