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Welcome to the World Ecitizens Online Environment, a resource for educational collaboration in topics such as responsible citizenship, mutual respect, combating social injustice and conflict prevention and resolution.

Please note: this is an archive site. Apart from the Peace Room, the section which uses this menu structure has not been used or amended since 2004.

Use the links on the left to explore the site, where you will find a growing number of resources to use. In particular, you should explore the contents of the Gallery where we are showcasing work from the schools in the project.

Members of the project can access further resources and the Virtual Learning Environment by logging on using the links to the right. Visitors can log into the Guest School with the Username 'guest' and the password 'guest'.

If you interested in becoming a sponsor for World Ecitizens please follow this link for more information. You can also download a colourful brochure (PDF 928 KB) about the project.



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